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Brava Powder 25 grams (0)

Reducing skin irritation

Brava Powder is used to absorb moisture from the skin to allow the bag to adhere properly, especially if your skin is very moist. The Brava Powder keeps the skin dry and reduces skin irritations.

The Brava Powder protects the skin from irritation related to skin moisture. It absorbs moisture so the skin is kept dry. It can be used just around the stoma or under the ostomy barrier – whether the skin is moist.


Packaging:               16 pcs/ box

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A systematize and technology integrated method in keeping records inside a database for patients that will help them ensure their compliance to therapy

  • Track purchase history.
  • Remind patients on next dose through SMS/Email/Facebook
  • Provide patients with a diary to record his purchases and treatment compliance.

Provide patients with information materials to ensure they are well-versed on how to cope with their diseases.

Using over the phone conversation, email, online chat or voice chat healthcare professionals are ready to give assistance to all patients.